Hermetic Principles #7: The Dance of Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy… Gender.

Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy

The Principle of Gender transcends the physical… it refers to the forces that underlie all of creation itself. The masculine energy and feminine energy.

Masculine energy being associated with: action, assertion, problem-solving, drive, ambition, willpower, risk-taking… outward movement, like the suns rays pushing outwards, illuminating and warming.

Feminine energy, on the other hand, embodies: receptivity, intuition, nurturing, creativity, imagination, compassion, patience, collaboration relationship building… inward movement, imagine the moon, drawing in the tides and nurturing life within.

These are not qualities of Men and women. But of masculine energy and feminine energy that manifests through us all.

The real power of the Principle of Gender lies in recognizing that both these energies are within each of us… and it is a harmonious expression of both masculine energy and feminine energy that is crucial.

Examples of Harmonious Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy:

When we recognize both these energies within of us… we can find the harmonious balanced expression of both.

Creativity: The spark of inspiration (masculine) needs the fertile ground (feminine) to blossom into fruition…

Physical Health: Taking action through exercise and discipline (masculine) is balanced by self-care and listening to your body’s intuition (feminine), leading to better overall well-being.

Public Speaking: Confident projection and clear delivery (masculine) with authenticity and emotional connection (feminine) creates a far more captivating and impactful presentation.

Tapping into both sides of your masculine and feminine energy creates harmonious flow in our lives… and this balance leads to more fulfilling experiences, allowing us to be more productive and joyful.

Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy Throughout Time…

Ardhanarishvara is the Hindu Deity Shiva: In this form he is combined with his consort Parvati. Shiva is depicted as half male and half female (Parvati). Seamlessly fused down the middle, showing the unity of masculine and feminine energies within a single being.

These energies are not separate forces but rather two sides of the same coin. Balance and Harmony between the divine masculine and feminine energy within oneself, and in the world.

The female principle of God, is inseparable from (or the same as) the male principle of God.

“The Ardhanareeshvara represents a constructive and generative power. Ardhanareeshvara symbolizes male and female principles cannot be separated”

Aboriginal Dreamtime: Some stories describe the ‘Rainbow Serpent’, a Creator Deity with both male and female aspects… Depicting both the divine masculine and feminine energy responsible for shaping the land and bringing life to it.

An interconnectedness that highlights the importance of both energies in creation and throughout the existence of everywhen.

Anima and Animus from Jungian Psychology: the Anima represents the unconscious feminine in men, and the Animus represents the unconscious masculine in women.

Carl Jung believed through ‘Individuation’ one could integrate the Anima and Animus… the masculine and feminine. Acknowledging and accepting these unconscious aspects of oneself, and not repressing them.

The Benefits of Balancing the Masculine and Feminine

Men can benefit from cultivating… intuition, emotional intelligence, receptivity etc. While Women can benefit from strengthening their assertiveness, decisiveness and action-taking.

We are all a balance of all these energies… Of course fluidity is important too and these energies are not fixed… they will fluctuate within you depending on the situations you face. It’s about aiming for a balance that works for you, not a rigid 50/50 split.

The Principle of Gender

The Principle of Gender extends to the very foundation of our physical universe, this Hermetic Principle extends to the tiniest building blocks of matter… electrons (feminine) and protons (masculine) entwine to create atoms. Through these positive/negative unions a vibration creates light, heat, magnetism etc…

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes”
The Kybalion

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The Seven Hermetic Principles

By understanding these Seven Hermetic Principles and the way they interconnect with each other, and everything, you gain a deeper understanding of how you can become more balanced and how become more connected to a larger whole.

Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy

Mentalism, All is Mind. The influence of this mind extends from the vastness of space to your own personal experience…

Correspondence, within this everything vibrates… Vibration, the concept of opposing forces existing within… everything is Polarity. These polarities are further expressed in the Rhythm and cycles of existence…

That every action has a corresponding reaction is the Principle of Cause and Effect… Everything possesses and expresses both masculine and feminine energies, this Principle of Gender contributes to a balanced whole…

Understanding these interconnected Seven Hermetic Principles is a life-long adventure… happy explorations.

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