Hermetic Principles #4: Mastering the Dance of Opposites, the Principle of Polarity

Principle of Polarity

The Principle of Polarity “Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree” Hot and cold, light and dark, happy and sad… these pairs are opposites. They are opposite ends of a continuum.

Hot and cold may appear as opposites to each other… but hot and cold aren’t opposites, they exist on a spectrum that we call temperature. There’s no point where ‘hot’ ends and ‘cold’ begins… it’s all relative.

Similarly, light and dark may appear as opposites, but they are merely different intensities (or frequencies) on the light spectrum. Complete darkness isn’t a thing… it is the absence of light waves.

The Principle or Law of Polarity states that everything exists on a spectrum. We cannot have one without the other… defining one by its contrast to the other, and vice versa.

Opposing forces are similarly different degrees of the same underlying aspect of reality.

The Illusion of Separation… All is One

The Principle of Polarity can be seen as an illusion of separation. Opposites might seem distinct, but they’re ultimately part of the same underlying reality.

Our senses and minds create a perception of ourselves as a distinct being… bounded by our skin. Other people, objects and the environment are ‘out there’ and different from ‘us’.

‘All is One’ points to a deeper reality where everything is interconnected… all beings and things are ultimately expressions of the same underlying oneness.

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The Principle of Polarity, Focus on the Continuum

The Principle of Polarity is not about ignoring the negative… it’s about consciously choosing where to focus your mental energy.

Feelings of ‘me’ versus ‘everything else’ can easily be let go of by understanding the Principle of Polarity… finding the ‘Golden Lining’ or the positive in every situation.

Focus your thoughts and emotions toward the positive end of the continuum.

Mentally reverse the roles… imagine yourself being the person or in the situation causing you ‘stress’. This can help you see the situation from a different perspective and identify potential resolutions.

Compromise is finding common ground on the continuum.

Finding balance by understanding the interconnectedness of opposites… and finding the middle ground between extremes.

Chunking up… looking at the bigger picture and understanding the overall goal. This gives you a broader perspective on the situation.

The Yin and Yang Symbology

Principle of Polarity, Ying and Yang

Yin and Yang represents these opposing and complementary forces…

The forces creating the cycles in nature as well as human experience…

They are two aspects of a whole, they define each other. The world is not black and white.

By embracing the full-spectrum we become more open-minded and understanding to other perspectives and points of view.

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