Hermetic Principles #2: Correspondence, As Above So Below

The Principle of Correspondence, also expressed: As Above, So Below… we’ve all heard this phrase… but how can it’s application make a difference to us?

“All that is in the Universe emanates from the same source”.

Inner World = Outer World: when your thoughts, emotions and actions (your inner world) are aligned with your goals and desires (your outer world), you create a sense of harmony and flow. In turn attracting positive experiences and helping you manifest/create the experience/lifestyle you want.

The universe is often described as ‘fractal’… similar patterns repeating at different scales. As Above, So Below, beautifully demonstrates itself within the realms of you… and what makes you.

Energy: The cells of your body (Microcosm), use respiration to break down glucose for energy, just as your body (Macrocosm) break down food to fuel you.

Waste Removal: The cells of your body break down waste products (lysosomes in the Microcosm). Your body also breaks down and eliminates waste (liver and kidneys in the Macrocosm).

Reproduction: Cells divide (mitosis), replicating for repair and growth on new cells… and in the Macrocosm your body heals and grows and reproduces new humans.

Thinking: Your thoughts and emotions also have a very real and tangible effect on your physical body and well-being. You become what you think about. Your ‘Thoughts’ (Microcosom) become Things (Macrocosom).

Microcosm and Macrocosm: This Second Hermetic Principle reminds us that we are all part of a larger whole… and that your actions, big or small, have a ripping effect on you and the world around you.

Patterns in nature repeat.
Patterns in nature repeat… with variation.

fractals: as above so below

Fractal patterns, endlessly repeating at different scales… the delicate network of blood vessels (as below) resemble the branching patterns of a tree reaching for the sky (as above).

Patterns repeat all over nature because they are fractal based (not straight line based) patterns. Fractals exhibit ‘self-similarity’, meaning their basic form repeats ad infinitum… at progressively smaller scales and larger scales.

These fractal patterns in nature highlight the interconnectedness of all things in nature… A basic tenet of Animism.

Animism goes beyond the physical world… suggesting that all things, living or not, possess ‘spirit’ and are part of a web of life and relationships…

With this understanding you gain a deeper respect for nature… seeing yourselves not as separate, but as a participant in the grand dance of life.

Understanding this interconnectedness, allows you to gain a profound perspective on your place in the universe… and shows you have the power to shape your reality. Taking care of yourself is taking care of the universe.

By being mindful of your choices and the impact they have, you become a more responsible and empowered individual.

Life is not a destination to arrive at, it is a journey to enjoy

By aligning your inner world (thoughts and emotions) with the outer world (actions and environment), you create greater harmony in your life and attract positive experiences.

By observing the patterns in your life, you can gain insights into your mental and emotional state. This ‘self-awareness’ allows you opportunity for personal growth and transformation… by learning from the patterns of the past and creating new patterns of behaviour.

Are you surrounded by clutter…? As above, so below… Clutter in your environment, reflects as cluttered mind.

By recognizing these connections, you can make conscious changes to improve your overall well-being.

Seemingly random happenings reflecting the interconnectedness of the universe…

If you look for what’s wrong, you’ll find it. The most exclusive boutique spa is going to have a little dirt in a crack somewhere, if you look for it you’ll find it… then you can be disappointed with it. This is a bad plan.

If you look for what’s GOOD and Wonderful, you’ll find it. This is going in the right direction.

Look for significance, meaning and messages and you will find them.

By being open to, and looking for these synchronistic occurrences, you’ll find them and tap into your intuition for making better decisions and enjoying your life more.

as above so below

The Hermetic Principle of Correspondence is a powerful tool or approach…

Seeing patterns in your life, your experiences and choices allows you to choose the positives to shape your present experiences and create a more positive future.

Your past is shaping your present and influencing your future… recognize these patterns and consciously choose your future.

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