Hermetic Principles #6: Sow Wisely, Reap Abundantly… Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect

“Every Cause has it’s Effect; every Effect has it’s Cause” Events that we see as random are consequences of laws of nature we haven’t yet understood… The Principle of ‘Cause and Effect’ states that every event (effect) is triggered by a preceding action (i.e. the cause).

Setting in motion a chain reaction, ultimately resulting in an effect… a seed planted in fertile soil (add water and sunlight or supporting conditions) leads to the growth of a plant (effect).

This principle extends beyond our physical world into the dimension of your thoughts… causing our emotions, and again setting in motion a chain of events…

A seed of an idea (i.e. writing a book) planted in the fertile ground of your mind, with supporting conditions, leads to the creation of a book (effect).

“Like causes under like conditions, produce like effects; business success is an effect, and cannot be the exception to the law of cause and effect Wallace D. Wattles.

This is the opening sentence of best selling author Wallace D. Wattles squeal to: The Science of Getting Rich… in his book; How to Promote Yourself: Making the Man Who Can. Clearly Wallace knew of the Hermetic Principles…

To become the master of your life and results, you must master your mind.

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The Principle of Cause and Effect

Consider your health… healthy eating habits (cause) lead to a stronger body (effect). This demonstrates also the ‘as above, so below’ Correspondence of macro and micro because your ‘thoughts’ (micro) of eating a balanced healthy meal Causes the Effect of a new ‘habit’ (action or effect) of choosing or making a healthier meal (macro).

This principle emphasizes the importance of you taking responsibility for your choices (cause) and their consequences (effect). You are not a passive bystanders in your life, unless you choose to be, you possess the power of choice… giving you the ability to select the seeds you sow.

Aligning your choices with your desired outcomes you become active in manifesting or creating your goals. The external world is there and needs action, the driving initiative and focus comes from you…

The seeds you plant today will blossom into the fruits of your future… they need time and action to grow. It is the same for a rose seed or the seed of an idea. It is the same for the idea to start this blog… it started with one post and now a year later there are lots.

Idea, Action and Blooming Results!

The Concept of Karma

We’ve all heard of concept of ‘Karma’… a cornerstone of Hinduism, Karma intertwines with the concept of cause and effect.

Every action (cause), good or bad, has a corresponding consequence (karma or effect) rippling out through your future experiences…

“By the fruits of our actions, we gain wisdom and evolve spiritually”.

Karma reminds us that selfless acts, ethical living and leaving a positive mark on the world… create more of the same and benefit all.

The Code of Hammurabi

Cause and Effect

The Code of Hammurabi, written almost 4000 years ago in Akkadian, is the first time the phrase “eye for an eye, tooth for tooth” was written in law.

Written by King Hammurabi, the sixth king of the first Dynasty of Babylon. The Code of Hammurabi contains 282 Laws all based on ‘Cause and Effect’.

This is the first society know to have established a structured system of cause and effect within their legal systems. People deliberately enforcing the Natural Law of Cause and Effect.

Chinese Cosmology

The Principle of Cause and Effect can be seen reflected in the Chinese Cosmology, with the Yin and Yang maintaining a delicate balance.

This belief system influenced many things in China, from medicine and agriculture to social order. It emphasized the need for ‘harmony’ within the cause and effect cycle.

Chinese martial arts and practices, such as Tai Chi and Qigong, understand and use this notion of duality… Everything having both Yin and Yang aspects (polarity), one thing causing or influencing another thing (cause & effect).

By recognizing the connection between your actions and their consequences, you become more accountable for your choices.

This empowers you to make conscious decisions and take ownership of your outcomes.

Understanding Cause and Effect

Understanding cause and effect shows you that problems have a cause… and rather than simply treating symptoms, getting to the root cause of the problem can be more effective in the long run.

By reflecting on your days experiences, the actions you took (causes) and the outcomes you got (effects), over time…

You’ll start directly identifying patterns (insights) into how your choices (actions/causes) influence your life…

and more importantly, where you can intervene and change these patterns to change the results you receive (the effects you experience).

Practices such as journaling can help with this reflection, or mentally reviewing your day backwards such as Rudolf Steiner recommends within his daily practices.

By following such practices you can transform yourself from a passive observer to an active creator of life.

Visualize your desired outcomes in vivid detail and begin planning your actions (causes) to achieve those results (effects) you desire.

Recognizing these connections, your actions and the positive outcomes you experience are the rewards that will keep you on track, aligned with your long-term goals and ultimately living the life you want.

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