Hermetic Principles #1: How Thoughts Shape Your World. The Universe is Mental

The Universe is Mental

The very fabric of reality is intricately linked to our thoughts… and therefore our beliefs. This is the core of the first Hermetic Principle: Mentalism. “The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental.”

We create. We all know that. When you imagine a successful presentation at work, you’re more likely to project confidence and deliver a compelling message. Oppositely… if you worry about a thing, anxiety clouds your focus and hinders your results.

The Universe is Mental: The Placebo Effect

The mind-body connection is seen in the Placebo Effect. Physical healing happens while only a ‘sugar-pill’ is given (sugar may even have detrimental effects to health!).

This demonstrates how our thoughts ‘expectations and beliefs’ are influencing our physical well-being.

The Observer Effect in Quantum Physics

The Observer Effect in quantum mechanics is likewise a mind-bending phenomenon that demonstrates similar influence of the Mind over the Material World.

Quantum Particles, i.e. subatomic particles (electrons), act as a wave until observed, when they then become a particle (a thing). The act of observing (or measuring) a quantum particle ‘collapses’ its wave function, into a particle with a definite position and movement.

Truly, the Universe is Mental!

Morphic Resonance. Collective Consciousness

A field of information that influences the form, behavior and patterns of all living systems…

Morphic Resonance shows that each individual is connected to, and influenced by, a larger collective consciousness. As demonstrated by Rupert Sheldrake’s Animal Telepathy experiments.

Unveiling the Maya…

It’s not a new idea, the concept of Mentalism resonates with ideas found in the Hindu concept of ‘Maya’…

Maya translates to ‘illusion’, it is the veil of perception obscuring the true nature of reality. Maya creates a distorted view of the world around us.

Egyptian Mythology

‘The Veil of Isis’ is a metaphor depicting the goddess of wisdom and magic (Isis) as veiled… In an allegorical representation of enlightenment, where one is uncovering nature’s mysteries.

In this way ‘lifting the veil’ means gaining access to a state of spiritual awareness, in which all the mysteries of nature are revealed.

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

In Plato’s Allegory, inside a cave there are a group of people looking mesmerized by the shadows cast on the wall, believing them (the shadows) to be reality…

But really the shadows are just projected from behind them (just like in a cinema), it is all an illusion.

Some escape the cave and see the real world… this represents the journey from ignorance to knowledge, the end of the illusion.

“I will become what I choose to become”.

By understanding the Principle of Mentalism you can become more of a Conscious Creator of your own reality.

The Universe is Mental. How to Make it Work for You

Activating the First Principle is EASY… You Simply Have to Do It!

#1 Focus on Positive Thoughts: If you look for what’s wrong in the world, you’ll find it! Focus on what you Do Want.

#2 Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness Meditations can help you become more aware of your thoughts, allowing you to identify limiting beliefs and choose more empowering ones.

#3 Words Magic: The language we use shapes our reality. “I can’t” limits us, re-frame it to “I’m learning how to”. Similarly “I have to/must/need to” deletes choice and power, where as “I could/I might” is possibility, and “I’d love to” is desire.

Subtle shifts in language create a more empowered mindset.

The Universe is an Intelligent Manifestation. The Universe is Mental

The Universe is Mental

Seeing beyond the physical world, recognizing the primacy of mind.

A Universal Consciousness, an all-encompassing intelligence… underling the very fabric of existence.

Call it… The Divine Mind, The Source of all Creation, Universal Consciousness, The Unified Field, A web of Energy and Information Permeating into Everything…

The Universe is an Intelligent Manifestation.

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