Nada Yoga: Sound and Vibration, the Ultimate Blisstification… into Sonic Union.

Nada Yoga

Nada Yoga, literally translates as: the Yoga of Sound. “A mystic practice of deep listening and cultivating receptivity. It is a way to attain a higher state of consciousness.”
Meenal Nigam.

Nada Yoga is based on the belief that everything in the Universe, from the smallest subatomic particle to the vastness of the heavens, pulsate with their own unique vibration.

If you’ve ever closed your eyes during a beautiful piece of music and felt a sense of deep peace… or fallen asleep to the sound of the ocean waves, you’ve experienced the power of sound to change your world (experience).

In the Hindu cosmology ‘Nada Brahman’ is the primordial sound… the ultimate reality from which all creation unfolds.

There are Four States to Nada Yoga:

External Sounds (Vaikhari Nada)

This is the initial stage, it’s about becoming more aware of and, more importantly, attuned to the sounds around us. From the birds song to the busy street noises… simply paying attention, without judgment, letting yourself appreciate the soundscapes that fills your world.

Mental Sounds (Madhyama Nada)

The second stage… moving inward, focus on your internal sounds, your thoughts, other sounds of the mind, the sound of your own breath and other internal noises. This stage encourages you to become aware of, and observe, the ‘chatter of the mind’ without getting caught up in it.

Subtle Sounds (Pashyanti Nada)

The third stage is not about the inner or the outer sounds… not something heard with your ears, but a subtle vibration felt within… the realm of intuition, a gentle hum, a subtle, constant vibration within the body, inner light or radiance.

Transcendent Sound (Paranada)

The forth stage is the ultimate stage of Nada Yoga. This involves connecting with the primal source of vibration (Nada Brahman). This experience is described as a state of pure consciousness… a union with the divine.

It’s not about forcing silence, but rather a deep listening.

Nada Yoga: The Union of You and Sound

Ultimately this ancient practice is the Yoga of Listening… from the external world, inward and onto a space of peace and bliss… opening up the transformational power that sound has.

Nada means ‘Sound’. Yoga means ‘Union’… The union of you and sound.

Also following the Hermetic Principle ‘As Above, So Below‘… it is also a Union of ‘all things in existence’ and sound (vibrations).

All is sound… energy vibrating. A sentiment echoed throughout ancient history and glimpsed upon within modern Quantum Mechanics.

Modern science shows that specific sound frequencies can promote relaxation, excitement and even improve cognitive function.

The Union of YOU and Sound. Experience More:

Nada Yoga Om Meditation

Concentration and Focus. Relaxation and effortless flow States… a deeper awareness of what is around you (sonically).

Become a more Calm, Able, Aware Being.

Nada Yoga is a practice to become ‘at one’ with the vibrations resonating within your body, and the whole of creation. Enjoy states of Pure Blisstification.

Yoga Nidra is another ancient healing practice of deep meditation, revered for centuries for its powerful effects on the mind, body and spirit >> Guided Yoga Nidra Collection <<

Sound is a powerful tool for healing: chanting mantras, singing bowl tones, tuning forks, etc… many energy centers can be influenced and rebalanced through sound, promoting well-being, emotional balance, and physical health.

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