Hermetic Principles #5: Life’s a Rhythm, Finding Harmony in the Pulse & the Principle of Rhythm

“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides” life, like the natural world has its cyclical flow… seasons of growth and expansion as well as periods of rest and contraction. Hermetic Principle of Rhythm.

Empires rise and fall, economies boom and bust, heroes rise, legends fade…

Beyond these grand examples, ‘The Principle of Rhythm’ plays out in many ways within our daily lives… and has done throughout the ages.

Ancient Cultures and the Rhythm of Existence

The wisdom of The Principle of Rhythm is not a new discovery. Many ancient cultures around the world held a deep understanding of the rhythm and the cyclical nature of reality…

Ancient Egyptians: knew about the predictable flooding and receding of the Nile River… vital for their civilization along its banks and beyond.

The Mayans: had their intricate calendar system of three different dating systems used in parallel, tracking the cyclical nature of various aspects of their life, from farming, ceremonial and beyond.

Ancient India: has Ayurvedic, prescribing specific dietary and lifestyle practices for the changing rhythms of the year, promoting health and well-being.

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The Principle of Rhythm in the Cycles of Our Life

We naturally experience cycles of joy, happiness, calm, excitement and rest. Periods of intense connection with others may be followed by times of quiet companionship…

Our lives have many areas that are important to us… and through the seasons, and though the decades, different aspects of life are more important and less important as time progresses.

Just as nature seeks an equilibrium, we too strive for balance in our lives… life is not a straight line, it is a journey to be enjoyed and to learn from.

We all have Internal Rhythms… are you an early riser or night-owl?

Paying attention to your energy levels and adjusting your schedule accordingly will benefit you through your day, month and year. Schedule demanding activities for your peak focus times, leaving simpler tasks for times when your energy dips.

Your Daily Rituals: Establishing daily or weekly routines brings a sense of structure and rhythm into your life. It is one of those things that sets some people apart.

From morning meditations to evening walks, making time for journaling, time for exercise, reading a book… there are many positive practices that, when you get into a Rhythm of doing them, make a huge difference.

The Full Moon is associated with heightened creativity and a new moon is associated with inward reflection… planning a relaxing activity (or creative one accordingly) during a Full Moon may work well for your Life Rhythm.

Polarity (4th Principle) and Rhythm (5th Principle): How they Synergize

The 4th Hermetic Principle, that of Polarity focuses on the characteristics of opposites… while the 5th Principle of Rhythm emphasizes on the cyclical nature of their interaction.

Positive and negative experiences are temporary. Everything is transitory… accepting the ups and downs in your life with more ease will make life easier.

Like a surfer riding a wave, we can use the changing forces of the rhythm to our advantage.

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