Hermetic Principles #3: An Ocean of Motion… Everything Vibrates

everything vibrates, vibrate good vibes

The Principle of Vibration: “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” This principle says that everything in existence, from the tiniest subatomic particle to the vast expanse of the Universe vibrates at their own unique frequency.

“Everything is energy”. Everything is made up of energy… and energy is either presenting itself as a Wave or Particle.

Every object, thought and emotion vibrates… the building blocks of matter and atoms are in a state of constant motion. Everything Vibrates.

Sound waves and light waves embody this concept of vibration because they are vibrations at different frequencies.

While it’s helpful to visualize sound waves as a simple sine wave moving up and down, this doesn’t capture the full picture.

In reality, sound waves are ‘spherical waves’ that travel outward from the source of the sound vibration… just as light travels in every direction from the source.

Our thoughts and emotions vibrate. Positive emotions like Joy, Love and Gratitude vibrate at higher frequencies. Negative emotions vibrate at lower frequencies.

The Law of Attraction is associated with the Principle of Vibration. This states that we attract experiences that are in resonance with the frequency of our thoughts and emotions.

We all know this! People who complain all the time do not attract happy, go lucky people to them (or if they do, they don’t stay for very long).

Happy people, full of positive thoughts and emotions, raise the energy and ‘vibes’ of other people and it feels good to be around them… so they attract more positive experiences and people.

A little science…

Sympathetic Resonance is a principle in physics whereby vibrating objects influence the vibration of nearby objects.

If you pluck the ‘E’ string of a guitar, the ‘E’ string of a guitar next to it will also vibrate (at a lower volume or amplitude).

Similarly, Sympathetic Resonance suggests that our emotional vibrations effect the emotional vibrations of others around us in a similar way.

Observing Brainwaves… the electrical activity of the brain fluctuates depending on our mental state.

When we are in a calmer state we are in Low Alpha or Theta. Whereas agitated states are associated the faster brainwaves like Beta.

Everything Vibrates: Ancient Understandings

A little history…

The Ancient Egyptians believed in the concept of ‘Maat’. A universal and cosmic principle of order and balance.

The harmonious vibration underlying all creation.”

Ma’at was also the Goddess of truth, justice, balance, and most importantly Cosmic order.

The Ancient Indian Nāda Yoga

The Ancient Indian metaphysical system known as Nāda Yoga… can also be seen as a philosophical system with a medicinal effects… Nāda Yoga theoretical and practical teachings are based on the premise that:

all that exists in the cosmos (including us) consists of vibrations… called Nāda.

The energy of vibrations make up the particles and matter which form the building blocks of the cosmos.

This concept resonates with the Hermetic Principle, suggesting a fundamental vibratory nature of reality.

Om is often described as the sound of creation itself. Chanting Om is said to vibrate the body and mind, aligning the individual with the universal vibration of Nada.

The Principle of Vibration

— Your thoughts and emotions are not passive. They create a vibrational frequency that attracts experiences that resonate with that frequency.

— Becoming more mindful of your inner world empowers you to choose your thoughts and positive emotions more deliberately.

— Observing your thoughts and emotions without judgment (such as within Meditation), allows you to notice their energetic quality.

— The natural world is full of vibrations… immersing yourself in nature will help you to tune into these subtle frequencies and feel a sense of connection to these universal energies.

“Just 20 minutes in nature will reduce your stress hormones, and if you’re able to spend 2 hours a day in nature your stress hormones reduce by a whopping 800% “
Joe Dispenza (clinical studies)

The Principle of Vibration in Practice

everything vibrates, sound bath

Sound healing practitioners create beneficial vibrations that resonate with the body.

These positive frequencies influence your internal vibrations… reducing stress, promoting relaxation and facilitating deep states of consciousness.

Sound healing uses the Principle of Vibration to restore harmony within your body and mind.

If you haven’t yet (and even if you have), go experience Sound Healing for yourself this week… there are lots of wonderful practitioners all over the world.

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