Beyond the Veil… Animism and Altered States of Consciousness.

Animism. Every aspect of the natural world: animals, plants, rivers, mountains, weather systems… every part of our world is: Brimming with unseen energies.

Welcome to Animism

Perceiving the world as a vibrant, interconnectedness of all things… a place where everything has value and wisdom to offer. Where nature is a source of wisdom, guidance, and spiritual nourishment.

Everything is ALIVE with energy. Everything possess a spiritual essence or soul.

The year was 1999.

We were moving our bodies, vocalising and shaking shamanic rattles… then we laid down to ‘Journey’.

Before we moved, toned and rattled we’d got clear on what the journey was for.

The Intention. Movement of Energy. Followed by Deep Relaxation

We were being guided on this journey by the Shaman… a guided visualization, an inner journey guided by imagery, with a narrative supporting the intentions…

…the ordinary constraints of time and space faded away, there I was in the inner landscapes of my mind.

These landscapes came alive, they became real, they are real. This is Animism… this is Shamanism. A Shamanic Journey.

Intention – Energy – Relaxation = Altered States of Consciousness

These Shamanic Journeys involve encounters with spirit animals, visits to sacred places, dialogues with ancestral guides… opening doors to profound wisdom, healing and personal transformation.

In Animistic Shamanistic guided visualizations symbolism plays a vital role. The symbolisms (associations and mind-sets) that you bring to your journey of life, shape your reality. Having a positive outlook is better than the ‘oh-no what’s gone wrong…’ point of view.

Being fluid and having a mind-set that ‘everything happens for a reason’, means that you see the ‘golden lining’ right away. Things happened different than you intended… its O.K. It IS Manifesting in the right way, it is happening for a reason.

Symbolism is a communication mechanism of your un/subconscious mind …and whole rest of Nature/Reality. When you are looking for the ‘Signs’… with a mind-set positively focused you see positives.

1999 was my first formal experience with Shamanism. Shamanism is Animism.

Entertainment/Augmented Reality vs Inner Visioning/Inner Insight

Today there is much guided fantasy… in a very different technological form. Very realistic looking, purely for fun; entertainment. Sitting on a sofa watching guided imagery is easy, instant gratification… and has replaced inner work.

The Inner Visuals can be harder to see than the latest Blockbuster in the cinema. But Far, far, far, far more rewarding to ‘work on yourself’ rather than sit on your backside. Intention Setting. entering an Altered State… Meditation/Trance/Hypnosis, etc. Then taking ACTION back in the ‘real’ world.

All Shamans are Animists, but not all Animists are Shaman.

Ultimately we all want a good life. Living a harmonious way of life with nature is the Anamistic way of life. Based in understanding that they themselves are part of a vast web of life and acknowledging their interconnectedness with the environment.

Lets Go… Quantum Animism

“Since everything in the world is on some level a quantum system, this assumption requires that everything be conscious on that level.” Nick Herbert. Quantum Animism.

Quantum Animism assumes no separation between mind and matter. Mind and matter are inseparable, entangled in a web of interconnectedness.

At the quantum level, particles exhibit wave/particle duality… they exist in multiple states simultaneously until observed; Superposition. This suggests that the underlying fabric of the universe itself possesses a conscious essence, directing and observing its own actions. This is Quantum Animism.

I’ve spent spent over two decades living, studying and learning: Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Meditation, Altered Sates of Consciousness, Shamanism, Accelerated Learning and other related mind studies” >> Interested in Working Together? <<

Animism and ASC (Altered States of Consciousness) Let’s Go Deep…

Animism and altered states of consciousness intertwine… “the spirits of nature are more easy to communicate with while in a Non-Ordinary Reality”. ASC’s provide a gateway to realms beyond ordinary awareness.

To fully embrace and understand the essence of animism, transcending ordinary states of consciousness is necessary. Altered states are induced through many means… meditation, drumming, chanting, similar to my group experience: breath-work, the use of entheogenic plants etc (as you will see on this blog).

These practices create shifts in perception and access to heightened levels of awareness, attuning perception, and establishing a more profound rapport with nature and the spiritual energies that animate the world. This deepened connection fosters a sense of awe inspired reverence, and reciprocity in one’s animistic practices, further enriching your spiritual journey.

Animists also recognize the importance of listening to their intuition and inner guidance. They believe that within each individual resides a profound wisdom that can guide them on their spiritual path. By cultivating mindfulness and developing a deep connection with their own inner selves, animists access a wellspring of personal power and intuitive wisdom.

Animism indeed encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and the impact they have on the world. Recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings, animists understand that their thoughts, actions, and choices have a ripple effect.

Aligning their personal power with values of compassion, respect, and harmony, living an animistic way of life contributes positively to our Would.

I respect that.

Happy Solstice.

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