Moving Meditation: Ilchi Lee’s Brain Wave Vibration, Enhancing Your Well-Being

Juggling daily pressures can leave people stressed, try jigging instead. Dynamic moving meditation technique utilizing gentle, rhythmic movements to stimulate the brain and nervous system. This is llchi Lee’s: Brain Wave Vibration (BWV).

Integrating ancient Korean philosophy, Sundo culture and applied neuroscience into a moving meditation.

Ilchi Lee is a Korean author, educator, visionary and innovator dedicated to human potential development. he brings Ancient Korea’s mind-body tradition to today’s world.

Stimulating the Brainstem

The movements of Ilchi Lee’s Brain Wave Vibration (BWV) Meditation stimulate the brainstem.

The Brainstem is a crucial part of the nervous system, located at the base of the brain. It acts like a bridge between your brain and your spinal cord. It’s the Brainstem’s job to send sensory information up to the brain, and carry messages from the brain to control various essential body functions like:

— Heart Rate
Sleep-wake cycle
— Sensory Processing
Motor Control

Activating the Vestibular System

Nestled within the inner ear, this intricate system plays a far bigger role than just keeping us balanced.

The vestibular system is a complex network of fluid-filled canals and organs lined with hair cells. These special hair cells act as motion detectors, constantly sending signals to the brainstem about any rotational movements of your head: acceleration, movement forward, backward, up and down… etc.

The brainstem interprets these signals and then coordinates a series of responses, reflexes, involuntary actions your body makes without conscious thought.

Examples of these Reflex Responses:

Adjust your posture to keep you upright and balanced
— Ensure your eyes stay focused on an object (even when your head moves)
Create understandings of your surroundings (i.e Spacial Awareness)

Think about that!

The Brain Wave Vibration directly alters the focus of your eyes… your balance… your spacial awareness… and more . . .

Brain Wave Vibration: Head Nod ‘Hacks’

Using Ilchi Lee’s Brain Wave Vibration Meditation method creates positive changes throughout your mind and body, leading to overall feelings of positivity and well-being.

Examples of Positive Benefits Reported:

Inducing a sense of calm and relaxation, a gentle unwinding
— Quieting the internal chatter and calming the mind
Helping you become more present and focused
— Creating a heightened sense of physical awareness

Leading to:

Reduced Stress and Anxiety
— Improved Focus and Concentration
Enhanced Well-being and Increased Energy

Moving Meditation Practice: Brain Wave Vibration

brain wave vibration changes the brain

This moving meditation technique demonstrates how brain training and neuroplasticity go hand in hand. Maximizing human potential.

To really understand any of these techniques you must first give it a go… explore more.

You’ve got to get up to get down! Try Jiggling.

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