Astral Projection in Ancient Cultures: A Journey into the Spiritual Realms

Swedish scientist, theologian and mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg, is often credited with being one of the first individuals to write extensively about astral projection.

Astral projection, also known as an out-of-body experience (OBE) has captivated human imagination for centuries.

It involves intentionally separating one’s consciousness from the physical body and venturing into other realms of existence.

Metaphysics and spirituality perceive astral projection as a gateway to expanded consciousness, spiritual exploration and profound self-discovery.

But did it start in Sweden or is it much older…?

Swedenborg viewed creation as two separate and co-existing worlds: the natural world and the spiritual world.

Conscious detachment of the astral body (described as a non-physical or energetic counterpart), from the physical body characterizes astral projection. This detachment enables individuals to explore dimensions beyond the physical realm, journey through space and time and engage with various forms of consciousness.

Fans of astral projection view it as an amazing opportunity to traverse the vast expanses of the astral realm… gain profound insights into the nature of reality, consciousness and the multidimensional fabric of existence.

Astral Projection Practices Throughout Ancient History

Tracing back through ancient civilizations we see in Kemet (ancient Egypt) the concept of Ka and Ba. Ka represents the spiritual essence the vital force of an individual, capable of separating from the physical body. Ba represents the eternal soul, able to travel beyond the physical body exploring other realms and communicating with gods.

In ancient Greece and Rome… various mystical traditions explored the concept of astral projection. Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher, taught that the soul could separate from the body during sleep and engage in higher realms of existence. Neoplatonic philosophers, such as Plotinus and Porphyry, discussed the ascent of the soul to the celestial realms through contemplation and spiritual practices.

The concept of astral projection is intertwined with the belief in an immortal soul and its journey through different planes of existence.

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Hermeticism, an esoteric philosophy stemming from ancient Egyptian and Hellenistic traditions, encompasses spiritual alchemy, magic and mystical practices… Astral projection within Hermeticism intricately links to spiritual transformation and the attainment of elevated levels of consciousness (ASC’s).

Using many rituals, meditation and visualization techniques to heighten their awareness and navigate the astral plane, Hermeticists gained esoteric knowledge and experienced inner transformation through these processes.

Many Shamanic traditions include journeys to alternate realms, including the astral plane. Shamans, employ practices such as drumming, chanting and entheogenic substances to induce altered states of consciousness. In these states they embark on visionary journeys, traversing the astral realm to connect with spirit guides, retrieve profound wisdom and facilitate healing.

Astral Projection is very much still with us, In addition to ancient traditions, modern spiritual movements and New Age practices incorporate astral projection techniques as a means of spiritual exploration and personal growth.

The Silva Method: Modern Astral Projection

The Silva Method, founded by José Silva (a self-taught parapsychologist and researcher) is a system based on the belief that every individual possesses innate mental abilities that can be accessed and harnessed.

The key principles underlying the Silva Method include: Alpha and Theta States; Mental Programming; and Intuition Development. Through exercises such as “mental projection” and “remote viewing” individuals learn to trust their inner guidance and tap into their intuitive capacities.

Although practices and techniques for entering the right state of consciousness may vary across these traditions, they all acknowledge the potential of astral projection in accessing profound spiritual realms and gaining insights that extend beyond the physical body…

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