Military Psychics… The Latest in a long line of OBE’s. Remote Viewing: The Protocol

Remote Viewing

The human mind is full of untapped potential and mysteries… and one of those mysteries is Remote Viewing.

A phenomenon that challenges our understanding of consciousness, perception of reality and the limits of human capabilities.

Remote Viewing (or RV) is a military protocol that is viewed as paranormal, involving the ability to perceive (or ‘view’) distant or unseen targets.

Practitioners of remote viewing claim to access information about people, places, objects or events beyond their physical senses, using only their minds.

In the mid-20th century, during the Cold War (years of childlike silliness between two so called super powers), both the United States and the Soviet Union explored the possibility of using psychic phenomena for intelligence gathering purposes.

The U.S. Government initiated a program called the ‘Stargate Project’ which aimed to investigate and harness the potential of remote viewing for ‘military intelligence’ applications.

Remote Viewing: Early Research

The origins of remote viewing can be traced back to the 1970’s… where Researchers at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) conducted experiments on the ability of individuals to perceive remote or hidden targets.

Their research was funded by Government Agencies interested in it’s potential applications.

Then in the mid-1970’s the U.S. Government initiated their classified program, the Stargate Project, aimed at investigating the military potential of remote viewing and other psychic phenomena.

Remote Viewing and Astral Projection

Remote Viewing, like Astral Projection, is a separation from the ‘Physical Body’… in each phenomenon there is a sense of detachment from the physical body.

Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Shamanic Journeying and various forms of Out-of-Body (or OBE) experiences are recorded throughout history and are similar in their conscious exploration of the world beyond the physical body.

How-to Protocol for Remote Reviewing

The Remote Viewer begins with a short meditation or simple relaxation exercise to clear their mind, establishing a calm mental state.

The viewer then starts the remote viewing session by sketching or describing whatever sensory impressions or “data” comes to mind. This can include: images, colors, shapes, textures, sounds, emotions, or any other sensory information.

Remote Viewing is often conducted in stages, each with specific objectives…

Stage 1: Viewer records basic sensory data and impressions.

Stage 2: Viewer refines the data and focuses on specific aspects like textures, temperatures and spatial relationships.

Stage 3: Viewer begins to interpret the data and form more detailed impressions.

Stage 4: Viewer continues to refine impressions and possibly sketches, focusing on more complex aspects.

Stage 5: Viewer further refines and describes the target, often generating a summary or synthesis of the information gathered.

Most of the Notable Success of Remote Viewing are from Military Operations…

Joseph McMoneagle, known as ‘Remote Viewer No. 1’ in the Stargate Project, is known for providing information that allegedly helped resolve a hostage situation.

In this case, he described the location and condition of a missing General in Europe. McMoneagle’s information was credited with helping to locate the General and save his life.

McMoneagle also predicted the city where ‘Skylab’ was going to fall, 11 months before the spacecraft returned to Earth in 1979.

Joseph McMoneagle, says that the information provided by remote viewers is used with other types of intelligence gathering.

The Stargate Project was a secret U.S. Army Unit established in 1978 running until 1995. The project was approved and funded on a year-to-year basis…

Since then many of the Viewers have continued working with Remote Viewing… Some exploring it’s potential for healing and diagnostics.

Remote Viewing

Major David Moorhouse, a Stargate Viewer (and author of ‘Psychic Warrior’), was so transformed by his time as a Remote Viewer that he now seeks to teach Remote Viewing and Spiritual Transformation… such was the impact of his experience.

Described as a “self-to-self communication beyond the boundaries of spacetime”… Remote Viewing is an intriguing phenomena.

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