Divination and it’s Role in Expanding Consciousness, Creating Space for Insight and Intuition to Shine


Insights gained through divination, channeling and intuitive practices hold the potential to directly affect and create positive healing outcomes.

They have been used for thousands of years across the world and are still relied upon today for guidance…

What are the real-world positive effects…?

On the physical level… intuitive insights reduced stress, optimize lifestyle choices, facilitate energy healing and supporting the body’s natural ability to recover and thrive.

Additionally, these insights often impact Spiritual Development, aligning people with their higher purpose… connecting them with divine healing forces and fostering self-realization.

Central to many of these are the use of mystical divination tools, objects with symbolic significance.

These serve as conduits for Oracles and Shamans to enter ASC’s, tune into the hidden realms… receive impressions and unlock profound understanding. These tools allow communication, providing insight and intuition.

7 Common Physicals Tools Used

  1. Astrology Charts and Tools: horoscopes, birth charts, planetary instruments… are used to gain insights into one’s life path and destiny.
  2. Mirrors: Used in practices like Scrying for divination and self-reflection, allowing individuals to tap into their subconscious.
  3. Tarot Cards: A deck of cards with symbolic imagery used for divination and gaining insights into one’s life path and decisions.
  4. Runes: Ancient alphabetic symbols used for divination and providing guidance on personal matters.
  5. Pendulums: A weighted object suspended from a string or chain used for dowsing, divination, and answering yes/no questions.
  6. Automatic Writing: Allowing the subconscious or spiritual guidance to flow through writing, often resulting in unexpected insights or messages.
  7. Crystal Ball: A polished sphere of crystal or glass used for scrying and gazing to receive visions and insights.

7 Mental Techniques . . .

  1. Intuitive Impressions: The practice of tuning to one’s inner senses to receive impressions, images or feelings related to a question or situation.
  2. Channeling: A method where individuals allow themselves to be a conduit for information or messages from higher sources…
  3. Aura Reading: Perceiving and interpreting the energy fields (auras) surrounding individuals to gain insights into their emotional and spiritual states.
  4. Astral Projection: The intentional out-of-body experience where individuals project their consciousness to explore other realms or receive information.
  5. Animal Spirit Guides: Connecting with the spiritual wisdom of animals and their symbolic meanings to gain guidance and understanding.
  6. Dream Interpretation: Analyzing the symbolism and themes in dreams to uncover hidden insights and messages.
  7. Remote Viewing: A controlled psychic phenomenon where individuals attempt to perceive or gather information about a distant or unseen target.

These physical and mental techniques used for divination, intuitive guidance and spiritual practices induce Altered State of Consciousness.

Manifesting in various ways…

…including slowed mental processes and changes in brainwave patterns, creating a increased receptivity to intuitive or spiritual information.

Altered Brainwave Patterns of Divination

During these practices shifts in brainwave patterns occur, e.g. transitioning from Beta brainwaves (associated with waking consciousness ) to Alpha brainwaves (associated with relaxation, creativity and altered states of consciousness). This altered brainwave activity enhances receptivity to intuitive insights.

The slowed mental processes and altered brainwave patterns can create an environment where intuition and subconscious insights have more space to surface. Heightened awareness, vivid imagery or a sense of “knowing” during these states are common.

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Enhanced Intuition

Many practitioners believe that these altered states of consciousness allow them to connect with higher spiritual realms, spirit guides and/or the subtle energies in the universe. This connection is thought to facilitate the reception of information and guidance.

Reduced Ego Interference

In these altered states, the ego, with its preconceived notions and biases, may take a back seat, allowing for a more objective and open reception of information.

Healing Insights

Intuitive practices can unveil root causes of emotional distress, trauma and negative patterns that underlie physical ailments.

Bringing these issues to light, gives the opportunity to address and heal them, ultimately alleviating physical symptoms.

These Healing Insights can serve as catalysts for emotional release… contributing to overall healing.

Stress Reduction

Many intuitive practices induce a state of relaxation and inner calm. Reducing stress levels plays a pivotal role in physical healing by optimizing the body’s natural mechanisms for repair and recovery.

Alignment with Spiritual Purpose

divination tools

Intuitive insights may reveal an individual’s spiritual path or purpose.

When people align with their spiritual calling, oftentimes they experience deeper meaning, fulfillment and connection in their life… which also positively impact physical health.

This can lead to deeper Self-Discovery and Self-Acceptance… gaining a clearer understanding of the ‘true self’, embarking on healing journeys that encompass physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

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