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From all my research and years of study it becomes apparent to me that…

1 almost every culture around the world have, or still do use ‘Trance’ to create change. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation.

2 almost every culture has at one point (or still does) believe in Animism; that everything has a soul. That the spirits, the ancestors or the divine realm is real and can positively influence us… inside the Trance State.

This Blog is about exploring the type of ‘Change’ that can be facilitated and created by the Trance State. Physical healing of the body structure. Behavioural Change from the Mental perspective. Spiritual growth… And exploring the various different means for achieving these results.

Induction methods vary from culture (drumming, dancing, chanting, breathing, to plant medicines, to suggestions, meditations and more) as well as the process for change (Chanting, suggestion, psychology, resonance, shadow work, Spirit guide, the ancestors, divine realm and more) lets explore it all…

Posts: A BIG Lie, The History of Subliminals (just one here, so far :))

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