Shamanic States and Telepathic Adventures in Scotland with Dr Bandler

The fires crackled, night time insects rubbed their legs together making their music… the air was hot and dry, the sand dunes stretched as far as the eye could see…

…all of a sudden I popped back out of it and into the hotel room in Edinburgh.

I was experiencing a four person, hypnotic nonverbal trance and it had ended…wow… really, what had I just experienced!

This was a small and unique seminar Shamanic States and Brain Exploration in Edinburgh with Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP). Here, Richard was having fun… exploring what is possible…?

This was by far the deepest ‘visual’ trance I’ve ever been in (aside from some of my ethenogenic explorations).

This Altered State was created purely with sound. The human voice to be precise… well four of them. No words. Just sounds… tone changes, rhythm modulation and movement: circling me, moving up and down, while changing pitch in the contrary direction to the vertical movement. . . a very trippy experience.

The structured cascaded of practitioners around me producing a deep ASC… for a time, I was, for want of a better explanation, somewhere else!

I could feel the dry heat of desert wind, I could see the fire flickering, hear it crackle perfectly in-tune with the night-time insects…

Shamanic States Exploration of Consciousness in Scotland

Prior to this deep trance I’d just correctly guessed (11 times in a row) one of three different shapes Andrew was thinking of. He was both thinking and projecting into my field of vision/mind, from inside his mind. After a little calibration (mental projection practice) and the relaxation into trance.

As Robert Anton Wilson points out… “There is enough scientific studies to disprove or prove psychic phenomenon depending upon what you believe”.

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A simple experiment: a Red Triangle, Green Circle and a Blue Square were the ‘target shapes’. We took it in turns to imagine one of the shapes in our mind, and project it in-between us.

Essentially, a one in three chance of it happening… but 11 times in a row statistically becomes a 0.0045% chance of it happening.

BUT… what I found really odd was Andrew’s description after he guessed the shape I was thinking of. He said he only saw the bottom three sides of the blue square when I was thinking of that shape.

…a shiver ran my spine as he told me, because I was only focusing on the bottom of the square in my thoughts. The top bar was missing from the image in my minds eye…

Not through any deliberate reason… this was many, many years ago (around 20) and my thinking was still primarily auditory… after all I had been a session musician, studio engineer, Producer and owner of a recording studio for almost twenty years by then.

How could Andrew have guessed correctly 9 out of 10 times, how could I guess correct 11 times in a row without a miss? How could Andrew tell be the top bar of the square was missing?

What sort of state were we in… how strong was that Mugwart Tea?

I tried this Simple Exercise again a week later in a spa with a different person.

This time we ‘projected’ the shape of the thought on the wall opposite and the other person tuned in to it… with again freaky accuracy.

Synchronistic… co-incidence ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) experiences…

It’s NOT Extra, It’s Natural…

Maybe not ‘normal’ in most societies, but it is Natural.

And in a world where much is so much ‘synthetic’, I choose the Natural more and more as each year passes… these ESP experiences are Natural Abilities.

Maybe NSE (Natural Sensory Experiences)… the more you tune into them the more they are available… I like to welcome them in. Make room for them.

Altogether a very trippy few daze in Scotland, Shamanic States with Dr Richard Bandler.

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