10 years ago in the Center of a Pyramid in the middle of a Jungle in India… Deep Crystal Tones

set and setting

The Set and Setting: 144 jets effervesced the warm water of the Hydrotherapy Pool in England’s Nirvana Spa, Niraj Naik (creator of S.O.M.A Breath) asked if I’d like to go to India next week and lead a meditation at the 6th Global Congress of Spiritual Sciences with amAya Sound.

Yes, I said…

and this became:

  • My first time in India (a literal whirlwind tour of just 4 days there)
  • The brief one-off outing of: amAya Sound and the Department of Mind Transformation
  • My first experience of a Live Crystal Bowl Healing in a pyramid
  • The beginning of a deep fascination for India
    …and the beginning of a series of 11 11 phenomena

Fast tracking a visa, we flew a few days later… landing in Bengaluru we stayed the night in a luxury hotel (much 11:11 synchronicities and other craziness… for another time) before the 100km journey into the jungle.

Pyramid Valley, envisioned by Brahmarshi Pitamaha to promote Meditation, Vegetarianism and Peace (I can get behind that)… set up the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists to explore the nexus between Science and Spirituality.

This was the 6th of such events.

“The Earth is going through a total re-birth process. The Earth is undergoing a quantum frequency jump”
Brahmarshi Pitamaha

The day after our amAya Sound and the Department of Mind Transformation presentation and musical experience, it was our turn for a truly Trancey Experience.

True many of the advanced meditation and spiritual teachers gathered there told us they had experienced Deep States of Consciousness during our time on the stage… amazed, honored and grateful, now it was our turn to experience.

set and setting

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The Importance of Set and Setting

Set and Setting are important, so much so, that this was a central tenet to Dr Timothy Leary’s work.

Often labelled the LSD Guru, Tim was a Psychologist who pioneered and explored many ways of activating different ‘circuits in the brain’ as he called them.

Trance is an interesting phenomena… when its coupled with intention its something else.

Powerful Altered States of Consciousness can be induced through many ways and means… (one of the main reasons I started this blog and continue to curate and edit it is to explore these).

Crystal Bowls are one way.

A Live Crystal Bowl experience makes an Mp3 download (at 186kbs) on headphones the equivalent of a ‘take-out’ burger kind of experience, compared to your favourite restaurant and meal ever. Because of the Set and Setting… the energy.

Live Crystal Bowls in a Pyramid! In the Jungle. Aligned to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Located in the ‘Kings Chamber’ position, just hours after landing in the magnificent subcontinent that is India for the First Time… this was an epic Set and Setting!

A Hot bath with incense, music and ‘mood lighting’ is something many people have easy access to today…

Understanding the importance of Set and Setting before any intention work, any Hypnosis, Meditation, Visualization etc… is Transformational.

Creating your own Set and Setting is something easy for most people to create. You don’t need a separate ‘meditation room’, or Sensory Deprivation Space… a few small changes can create a good Set and Setting.

The Set and Setting for Mind Restore

Three Months Later, Niraj and I returned to India and to the Pyramid… where we thought we’d listen to our new collaboration: Mind Restore in the Pyramid.

set and setting

This was a completely different (hitherto unexperienced), almost complete full body sensation… by a strange stroke of luck we found ourselves in the Giant Meditation Pyramid alone, the Perfect Setting.

Headphones on, we relaxed back and both hit play… the Trancy Trypnosis started… designed to take you deep this track took us both deep . . . as the track finished… eyes opened we both turned to each other and at the same time to discussed the deeply kinaesthetic trance experience.

Both of us experienced the same tingling feelings… Ascension? Awakening? What was the very real feeling sensation we’d both experienced?

The very real feelings were not ascension (this time)… the sun had set, dusk was upon us… and so was mosquito hour!

Hundreds and hundreds of bites…

Not ascending… being a buffet dinner for mosquitoes lol.

Light incense or close the windows at mosquito o’clock, because…

Set and Setting Is Important!

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Before doing a deep Personal Inner Work, listen to Hypnosis or Meditate… its important to find a space where you won’t be disturbed, making time for Self Care in a good Set and Setting.

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