Wim Hof Breathwork, Deep Altered States of Consciousness and Intention Setting, a timeless formula

Phasing in and out of consciousness… Euphoric sensations, floating, drifting the deepest I’ve ever been with Breathwork was at the Oval Cricket ground in London, of all places. Niraj Naik invited me along, he was part of the event, and this was the Wim Hof Breathwork 2017 tour.

There, with hundreds of people, all of us zoning in and out of awareness…

The continued connected breathing. Again and again and again… we’d maybe been doing it for 45 mins… Breath… Breath…

I phased in and out of different states consciousness… and even consciousness itself.

Wim Hof, John Vincent & Niraj Naik

The first time I met Wim Hof was in 2016 just as he moved into his new house in the Nederland’s. We talked, recorded a podcast and of course did his unique Win Hof breathwork.

This was followed by a plunge into his outside pool, in November… almost an ice-bath.

It was there, that I experienced the sublime peacefulness breathwork can bring… a state of stillness… deep inner feeling of relaxation.

But it was nothing compared to the larger experience.

Breathwork with hundreds of people is powerful. All breathing to the beat of the same drum.

The continued beat of music, the continued instructions to breath in… out… in… out…

The Intentions of being: Healthier, Happier and Stronger reaffirmed continuously.

Breathing to the same rhythm, all breathing for more happier, healthier and stronger lives in this connected experience.

Wim exhibits a very strong life-force energy and embodies these three tenets he was extolling.


I didn’t ask Wim why he chose those three values… or why that order

Wim Hof Breathwork

Maybe I should have… maybe I will.

Let’s face it, no one is aiming to be poorer, weaker and sadder! Who doesn’t want to be Happier, Healthier and Stronger.

Changing the order of your values can be transformational. Many ‘values’ kinda get ‘installed’ growing up and its true that your values change as you grow.

You can also change your values… and grow.

I understand Altered States of Consciousness quite well… Breathwork certainly can produce very full-on, trippy experiences.

The depth of altered states that can be achieved with Breathwork are certainly enough to more easily alter your hierarchy of ‘Values’… if you want.

The classic: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Are they in the ‘right’ order for you? Would you put healthy, wealthy wise in a different order…?

Setting Intentions and continuing to reinforce the intentions, deep inside Trance…

Breathwork, I first really understood sitting under a Banyan tree in India… talking with a Baba. A fitting place to gain a deep insight into the practice of Breathwork or Pranayama.

All the spiritual masters I’ve met and know, know that breathing is at the heart of meditation. Breathing shifts the focus of your attention. It shifts your consciousness.

Deep breaths change the focus of your attention and increase your oxygen intake.

Wim knew this as he led hundreds of people on a journey of intentional hypoxia (hyperventilation) focusing on these three most important values. Happier, Healthy and Stronger.

The Intention Set.

Trance Induced.

Niraj was on stage playing a tribal/trancey remix of ‘Crazy like a Monkey’ (a song we recorded at Wim’s summer house back in 2016), while hundreds of people were all zoning in and out of awareness.

Wim Hof Ice Bath

And then, the ‘convincer’ the ice bath.

If you can conquer the freezing cold of ice with the power of breath, you can conquer anything.

Where you are, to where you want to be.

Breathwork + Music + Vocal Affirmations + Time = a very, very Deeeeeeep Trance

Wim Hof Breathwork is an opportunity, an experience for great change.

It is, after all, a formula that is thousands of years old.

Interested in Learning the Art and Science of Hypnosis? Or Working together.

6 thoughts on “Wim Hof Breathwork, Deep Altered States of Consciousness and Intention Setting, a timeless formula”

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  2. John that is amazing. simply wonderful that you met the man himself. Thank you i had also never thought of Breathwork and intention in that way together.

  3. I’ve been doing breathwork and cold showers for a while now, sometimes I get to have a ice bath, its a lot of work but well worth it. Thank you as always John You are an inspiration. Peace to you to J

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