Étienne Eugène Azam: Post Hypnotic Suggestions… Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Within the fascinating history of Hypnosis Étienne Eugène Azam, a 19th-Century French physician, played a pivotal role in advancing the field of Hypnosis… and even the creation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Dr Azam’s clinical observations and research created a long lasting impact on hypnosis as a therapeutic modality.

Born in 1822 in France, Étienne Eugène Azam began his medical studies at the University of Toulouse. Specializing in psychiatry, Dr Azam gained recognition for his exceptional clinical skills.

With a keen interest in the workings of the mind, Azam’s passion for understanding the depths of human consciousness would ultimately lead him to explore the realm of hypnosis…

Collaborations of Étienne Eugène Azam with Jean-Martin Charcot

Azam’s path crossed with another influential figure in the field of hypnosis, Jean-Martin Charcot, a prominent neurologist… Azam became Charcot’s student and colleague at the renowned Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris.

Working closely with Charcot, Azam had the opportunity to witness and study Hypnosis and it’s applications in treating various psychological disorders.

Documenting the Hypnotic Phenomena

One of Dr Azam’s significant contributions was his detailed documentation of the hypnotic phenomena… and their therapeutic effects.

He meticulously recorded case studies, focusing on the experiences of individuals during hypnosis and their post-hypnotic amnesia, where they had no recollection of suggestions or events experienced while under hypnosis.

His studies helped validate the authenticity of Hypnotic States, as well as their potential as therapeutic tools.

Work on Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Dr Azam’s work shed light and new understandings on the power of post-hypnotic suggestions (therapeutic instructions given during the hypnotic state) and their continued effect on individuals after awakening.

These observations highlighted the potential of hypnosis as a tool for behavior modification and psychological healing.

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Contributions to Hypnotherapy…

Azam’s clinical work and research significantly influenced the development of hypnotherapy…

His emphasis on ‘Suggestion and the therapeutic potential of Hypnosis’ contributed to the recognition of Hypnotherapy as a legitimate therapeutic approach. Laying the foundation for the use of Hypnosis in treating psychological disorders… enhancing emotional well-being and facilitating personal transformation.

One of the Influential FOUR

Étienne Eugène Azam’s (along with Franz Anton Mesmer, James Braid and Émile Coué) contributions to the field of hypnosis left a lasting impact on our understanding and practice of hypnotherapy to this day.

Dr Azam’s detailed documentation, research and clinical insights contributed massively to the credibility and recognition of Hypnosis as a valuable therapeutic tool.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Étienne Eugène Azam: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

It is also highly likely that Robert Lewis Stevenson drew his inspiration for ‘Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ from Azam’s most famous case: Félida X.

In his book Hypnotism, Double Consciousness and Personality Alterations, Dr Azam explores the case of multiple personalities in the case of Félida X, a phenomena that he called: Doublement de la vie (doubling of life).

Truly a pioneering figure in the field of hypnosis, Étienne Eugène Azam made invaluable contributions to the understanding of Hypnosis, particularly through post-hypnotic suggestions.

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