Aortic Standing Waves and the Fourth Ventricle… Neural Signaling from the Heart Brain

fourth ventricle

The Fourth Ventricle (located in the brain stem) is integral to autonomic functions, including heart rate, breathing and consciousness.

The brain’s ventricular system consists of interconnected fluid-filled spaces, or ventricles, that play a crucial role in the circulation of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) throughout the brain and spinal cord.

The Aortic Standing Wave refers to the rhythmic oscillations of blood pressure and flow within the aorta (the body’s main artery). This wave arises from the interaction between the heart’s pumping action and the arterial systems.

A standing wave is the combination of two waves each having the same amplitude and frequency, but moving in opposite directions.

During Meditation, and Hypnosis… the Parasympathetic Nervous System becomes more dominant, leading to a reduction in heart rate and changes to the rhythmic oscillations of blood pressure.

This shift changes the Aortic Standing Wave resulting in a more Coherent Cardiovascular Rhythm.

The Aortic Standing Wave is a pressure wave… this Physical Pressure Wave transforms into an Electro-Chemical Wave through the Piezoelectric Effect (the creation of an electric charge due to applied mechanical pressure).

This Physical Pressure Wave, generated in the heart, modulates the Fourth Ventricle deep inside the brain.

Your Heart Changes Your Brain

Complex interactions between the cardiovascular and nervous systems happen as the Aortic Standing Wave travels from the aorta to the brain stem… encountering ‘baroreceptors’ possessing piezoelectric properties (meaning they generate electrical charges in response to mechanical stress).

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As the pressure changes caused by the Aortic Standing Wave change, the electrical system in the brain changes, initiating a cascade of neural responses that contribute to autonomic regulation.

The Electro-Chemical signals from the baroreceptors, influenced by the aortic standing wave, creates a Heart-Brain Coherence, and in turn creates the Altered States of Consciousness experienced during meditation.

The Cascade of Effects on Altered States of Consciousness

Meditation-induced alterations in neural-signaling within the fourth ventricle have widespread effects on consciousness…

Neural pathways influenced by the fourth ventricle extend to various regions in the brain. Studies using neuro-imaging techniques, such as Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and Electroencephalography (EEG), have provided insights into the neural changes that occur during meditation.

The transformation of physical cardiovascular waves into neural signals contribute to the heightened sense of tranquility, clarity and altered perception often reported by mediators.

These studies consistently show altered patterns of brain activity and connectivity, particularly in regions associated with attention, emotion regulation and self-awareness.

The Fourth Ventricle Throughout History

The Eye of Horus (aka the Wadjet Eye) is an Ancient Egyptian symbol representing protection, healing and power… and it’s similarity to the Fourth Ventricle is remarkable.

The Eye of Horus has also been associated with the pineal gland, which is located near the fourth ventricle. The pineal gland has also been associated with spiritual experiences…

Practicing Heart Brain Coherence changes your Aortic Standing Wave, this changes the way you feel, your healing response and even develops deeper spiritual connections.

In Summary… Crystals in Your Brain

A deliberate act like Meditation stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, this in turn changes blood pressure and heart rate… putting the heart into a Heart Brain Coherence… Heart-Brain Coherence changes the Aortic Standing Wave (a pressure wave).

This physical pressure wave is transformed by Piezoelectric Crystals deep inside the brain into electrical signals, activating different circuits in the brain… creating Altered States of Consciousness and deeper conception.

Give it a try…

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